Posted on by Raphaël Bohli

Discover the link between colour and nutrition value of food and the ideal content of a rainbow dish offering the utmost benefits.

Filling your plate with various colorful fruits, vegetables and high fiber cereals is not simply to publish nice pictures on Instagram. When we tell you that you should be "rainbow eating " we do not refer to the Skittles slogan dating ten years back. Since there is a link between the color and the nutrition value of food you can learn a lot about your food by simply looking at it.certain colors indicate the abundance of specific nutriments. This is why, when looking at your dish, you should see the colours of a rainbow made of various ingredients.


Here are some suggestions 


Red for the heart

Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, beetroot, tomato



Blue. Blood circulation 

Blueberry, prune, eggplant


Green for the muscles 

Broccoli, spinach, kiwi


Orange for the skin and the eyes 

Carot, orange, sweet potato



Yellow for the brain

Pineapple, yellow pepper, lemon


White for the immune system 

Garlic , cauliflower